A comprehensive service delivered Australia-wide

1. Compare

Discover your options

  • Build and tailor your own unique cover*
  • Review detailed quotes from multiple insurers
  • Discuss different policy features and benefits
  • Review the cost of premiums – now and in the future
1. Compare

2. Choose

You make the decisions

  • Decide if life insurance is the right fit for your circumstances
  • Appropriate cover amounts and benefit / waiting periods
  • Which product(s) and insurer(s) best suit your situation
  • Choose your beneficiaries
2. Choose

3. Apply

Activating your cover

  • 15-20 minutes to apply with your adviser
  • No medicals required to submit an application
  • Payments set up via direct debit or superannuation rollover
  • Understand any loadings applied or preexisting conditions that may be excluded
3. Apply

4. Maintain

Our on-going support

  • Full claims management and annual policy reviews
  • Schedule face-to-face or telephone appointments with your adviser
  • Assistance with any policy changes (at your request)
  • Keep cover market competitive and relevant to your ever changing circumstances
4. Maintain

Request a quote

Make and informed and educated decision on the most suitable life insurance product for you, your family, and your unique circumstances.

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