Securing your family's financial freedom

Life Cover

Gives your loved ones financial options should the unexpected happen.

Life Cover is generally used to pay off outstanding mortgages, provide savings for your partner’s retirement, fund child education and manage any outstanding personal or business debt.

Protect your family

Protect your income

Income Protection

Provides an income stream in the event you become injured or sick and cannot work.

Allowing you to continue paying your living expenses so you can focus solely on your family and your recovery.

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)

TPD cover will help you live a better quality of life if you become permanently disabled.

Providing savings you want for retirement, maintaining on-going living expenses and covering any medical or rehabilitation costs.

Protect your future

Protect your health

Critical Illness

Gives you financial options in the event you become critically ill.

Have peace of mind knowing you can take care of bills and associated expenses while you access the best treatment for a speedier recovery.

Child Cover

Your kids are protected should the unexpected happen.

Child Cover relieves the financial burden of medical costs and taking lengthy time off work without pay.

Protect your little ones

Protect your business

Business Expense

Should you suffer an injury or become sick preventing you from running your business, this cover will pay out a monthly amount to cover fixed business costs for up to 12 months.

NOTE: Indicates products that can be purchased via superannuation rollover with 15% government rebate.

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